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AI Energizer

Renowned consulting firms, Maycroft and River Commodity joined forces to offer artificial intelligence services in a new venture called: AI Enegizer. We offer support to (energy) companies about all the aspects of artificial intelligence from strategy to design and implementation and everything in between. The application of artificial intelligence would allow your company to save costs, increase profitability and offer tailored solutions to your clients and much more. Through workshops, educational programs and by providing advisory services we can support you in preparing yourself and your company to be ready for the digital revolution that is happening right now.

Advisory team

Kasper Walet, László Siller, and Gergely Szerovay are the senior expert consultants. Together we have over 25 years of experience and a unique combination of practical and academic expertise about the energy sector and artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence, data science, and data engineering). Recently we successfully executed Artificial Intelligence Projects for major energy companies in Europe.


The short bios of the project leaders are:

Kasper Walet (Maycroft)
Skilled and accomplished professional with over 25 years of extensive of C-level board level experience in the energy markets worldwide. Kasper has strong expertise in all the aspects of energy commodity trading markets, international sales, derivatives trading, staff training, risk management and regulatory compliance within dynamic and high-pressure environments.


László Siller (River Commodity)
An energy commodity full supply chain professional with over ten years of experience in Risk Management, Risk Controlling, and Portfolio Management, ranging from Mining and Oil and Gas to Power and Renewables. Member of different high-level Decision-Making Committees with a role and competence of Investments, Portfolio Management and Risk Management. Laszlo has further experience developing intelligent systems with Artificial Intelligence as well as training for different levels of the organization and interdisciplinary project management.


Gergely Szerovay (River Commodity)
20 years of experience in Software Development, Data Engineering, and Data science, with significant experience in power and natural gas projects. He has also over ten years of experience in natural gas supply chain management related IT projects, as well as powertrading algorithms and modeling.