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This article was originally published on freeCodeCamp, you can read the full article here.

In this article, I’d like to share with you the articles I found most interesting and insightful & inspiring last year and this year (so far). My other goal was to create a comprehensive list of the most valuable pieces for my Python students.

I bookmarked so many great resources that it was not easy to select the best ones. So I divided the article into 10 categories — this, by the way, resonates well with the versatile and multipurpose nature of Python.


The categories are:

1. General Python programming

2. Python performance optimization

3. Python development environments and DevOps

4. Machine learning

5. Image and video processing

6. Chatbots and Natural language processing (NLP)

7. Blockchain

8. Web and backend development

9. Web scraping

10. Data visualization

Just one more thing before you dive in: how should you use this article? It doesn’t meant to be read all at once. Bookmark it, and use it as a starting point or a reference point. With the category list above, you can navigate to the sections that you are interested in most.