Additional Author #1: Laszlo Siller
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) probably is the most important technology development of this decade. Many energy executives believe that AI needs to be embraced, but don’t know exactly how.

Intelligent technologies such as robotic process automation and machine learning, offer new opportunities to improve process performance and realize significant cost savings and thus increase your profitability. Although AI looks very promising, this will not come easy. You would have to align AI to your strategy and change management would be required to make your people accept the new processes. To give you a kick start, we are organizing a free 3 hour late afternoon seminar in Vienna on Monday, November 5, 2018. During this seminar, we will introduce you to the essentials of AI for your company and give you tips and guidance on how to proceed with this. The seminar will take place the day before the Emart Energy event. So if you would come to Vienna anyway, it would certainly be valuable to attend our free seminar.


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