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Machine Learning Prague 2020 is a highly practical and insightful conference about ML, AI and Deep Learning applications that’ll take place in Prague at the end of March (March 20-22, 2020).

We at AI Energizer are media partners of the Machine Learning Prague Conference, thanks to this cooperation they kindly offered a free ticket to our followers! If you want to win a free ticket, follow the steps on the end of this LinkedIn article before March 4.


AICells, the MS Excel tool that helps you use Python

We have been working on several Python-based data science projects for both SMEs and enterprise-level businesses. In most cases, we deliver our machine learning and statistical tools applying Jupyter Notebooks and Python code. What we found is that delivering our results in a meaningful way is challenging due to the lack of skills needed inside the companies: the in-house team is often not capable of using the delivered solution to its full potential.

We have been developing an open-source tool, called AICells, that eliminates the steep learning curve imposed by the complexity of Jupyter Notebooks and Python code. This tools aims to enable Python based machine learning tools operated by using Excel, so someone capable of using MS Excel’s basic functionality will be able to fully exploit the benefits of applying machine learning-based tools!

Two experts of the AI Energizer team, Gergely Szerovay and Laszlo Siller will present the poster of AICells at the Machine Learning Prague 2020 Conference.


4 talks we are really excited about

45 world experts will bring outperforming solutions that you can learn through practical talks and hands-on workshops. You can get an overview of the complete program on the Machine Learning Prague 2020 conference website.

Here are some of the speakers & talks that we at AI Energizer are really excited about:

François Chollet (Software Engineer, Google):  He is the author of Keras, one of the leading python framework for neural networks. He will give a presentation about how we could define and what are the measures of intelligence.

Filip Dousek (Senior Director, Augmented Analytics at Workday): In his talk “Building Augmented Analytics for 50% of Fortune 100” he will talk about the concepts behind their ML-driven augmented analytics solutions and why are these called the next generation of BI & analytics.

Ashish Kapoor (Sr. Principal Researcher, Microsoft): In his talk “Building Safety Mechanisms in Autonomous Systems”, he will explore a framework that aims to preserve safety invariants despite the uncertainties in the environment arising due to incomplete information. Ashish will describe various methods to reason about safety plans and control strategies despite perceiving the world through noisy sensors and ML systems.

Tomas Mikolov (Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research): He is known as the one of the inventors of the famous word2vec method of Word embedding.  In his talk, he will describe a project where they attempted to define an ML system which can evolve for indefinitely long, possibly reach arbitrary complexity, and use no supervision based on cellular automaton.

How to win a free ticket

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Good Luck and see you soon in Prague!

Conference website: Machine Learning Prague 2020